Summer Camps, in APS, are synonymous with children’s emotional growth, bonding, learning new skills, de-stressing, getting connected to nature through numerous indoor and outdoor activities and creating lifetime memories.

It was a delight to see 280 children, from classes III to XII, participating in Summer Camp organized by the school from 16th May to 30th May, 2016. The activities spanned from basketball, badminton, swimming to instrumental music, dance, painting, photography and many more. Each participant opted for three activities. The special attraction this year were the newly introduced activities – Photography, Calligraphy, Taekwondo and Aerobics. The school had organized both in-house teachers and experts and coaches from outside to groom the students. It was also a matter of pride that one of our ex-student Rishi Gaba had come forward to help our budding photographers in honing their skills.

Days spent in Summer Camp were witness to a vast expanse of childhood joy and fun, perhaps an effort not only to provide our students with extra hours of games, physical and mental exercise, but also build up their sporting spirit, ability to handle targets in positive manner. It would go a long way in helping them to be more spontaneous in classrooms and nurture their personality.

The camp concluded with closing ceremony. Parents were also invited to witness the different skills which the students learnt during camp.

Zero period – connecting to the world

A new concept of zero period has been introduced in the session 2016 – 17 to involve students in all co curricular activities without compromising on academic work . Thus there is no extra stress on students and faculty.

This special time slot has given them a scope to participate in various inter school and inter house activities, bond with their team members during weekly meetings, enjoy nature walks, listen to speeches by eminent speakers and watch short films and documentaries that would sensitize them to be compassionate humans as they grow up and initiate a love for their surroundings and the planet at a young age.

Along with academic needs they would be nurtured not only as good participants, but also as empathetic listeners, team builders. They would learn to appreciate their world, discuss their problems, bond with all and enhance their inherent skills.