Guidelines for Parents

1. Parents are requested -

    * to check the diary every day, help children to submit school assignments on time.

   * to ensure that their child does not bring expensive items or a large sum of money to school unless there is a written consent from the school’s side.

    * to inform the school immediately if there is any change in address, telephone no., mobile no. or bus route.

2. Student should reach his/her scheduled bus stop five minutes before the given time.

3. If the student has to go home early:

    * the parents will have to collect their ward from school.

    * an application citing the reason should be handed over at the reception.

    * for any third person collecting the student, a written application signed by the parents should be handed over at the reception.

4. The student will not be sent home in any other trip/bus which is not assigned to him/her.

5. Parents should encourage and allow their wards to go for school trips as this exposure helps them to learn.

6. Any behavioural patterns not conducive to the healthy functioning of the class will be dealt with the active co-operation from parents, teachers and discipline committee members. While the school will make every attempt to help overcome any difficulty but in extreme cases the school may cancel the admission of the child.