Middle Curriculum

English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Education, an optional language (German or Sanskrit) and General Knowledge.

Include Art, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Dance, Physical and Health Education which includes Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Handball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Skating and Yoga.

The educational philosophy of the school encourages getting a wide range of offers than experiences. Much of our work is focused on the environment.

To nurture students into lifelong learners, developing critical thinking and problem solving skills to help them to get into a creative mindset and learn how to collaborate and work towards a creative goal. This helps them to discover that they have a voice and a choice.

Club Activities for the students to give them an opportunity to passionately pursue their areas of interest and lend more zeal and enthusiasm to the teaching learning process.

Evaluations conducted according to CBSE guidelines on CCE pattern. Assessment will be indicated in grades according to a nine point grading scale for scholastic area sand a five point grading scale for co-scholastic areas.

July:-First Periodic Assessment

September:-Half Yearly

December:-Second Periodic Assessment

March:-Annual Exam

Half yearly and Annual Exam will be of 3.00hr duration. Retest will only be on grounds of medical leave, death of an immediate family member or representing the school in competition.

Students will be assessed in four parts on a five point grading scale once in a session. (Yearly) Each student will be graded on 10 Life skills, Work education, Visual and Performing Arts, 03 Attributes, Values, 02 Co curricular activities and 02 Health and Physical Education (HPE) Activities