Pre Primary

The Co-Curricular activities take place in a relaxing environment to promote the self confidence, self-esteem, creativity & holistic development of our little ones. They are as follows-

  • MORNING ASSEMBLY: As the saying goes “Music is the soul of life”, we begin the school day with a musical morning assembly with a prayer and chanting of shlokas further followed by yoga and exercises. Music & dance are regular feature of our block.
  • BRUSHING (the word brushing seems to be out of place) CONFIDENCE: To instill speaking skills and confidence in the young ones, Hindi & English recitation, young narrators’ day, what I want to be, when I grow up, show & tell are conducted on a regular basis.
  • ART & CRAFT ACTIVITIES: Art & craft activities are an important part in the child’s overall development. They enhance their creativity. Children are taught different concepts by engaging in various activities. Concepts also boost observation skills of the little ones and allow them grasp quickly and actively. It is a great source of bringing real learning opportunities to the young ones.
  • COLOUR BONANZA: To highlight the importance of colours and vibrance in life a vivid variety of red, yellow, orange , green, blue, etc. are added to their day to day activities. For example watermelon day (Red ), aqua fun day (Blue), chess day (Black & White), Tangy day (Orange), etc.
  • BLISSFUL MOMENTS: Auspicious occasions like School’s Founders Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day are celebrated to express the feeling of love and respect.
  • NATIONAL FESTIVALS: Independence Day, Republic Day, Martyrs Day & Gandhi Jayanti- Occasions of oneness and togetherness are celebrated to keep the spirit of patriotism with fervor and zest.
  • OTHER FESTIVALS: To kindle the air of festivity in children, festivals like Janamasthmi, Rakshabandhan, Dussehra, Diwali, Holi, Gurupurab, Id, Basant Panchmi & Christmas are celebrated the whole year round with great fan fare.
  • STORY DRAMATIZATION: Children have an innate love for stories. Stories are a great way to teach children about life, ourselves and others. Different stories are dramatized by teachers as well as students.
  • NATURE WALK: Fun activities help build thinking skills in young minds; they also make learning effective. Children are taken out for nature walks where they observe & explore the world around them through their senses. It stimulates curiosity and instills love for learning.
  • PICNICS: Picnics are an important part of the learning process in our school. This is the time when our adorable darlings go out and explore. It develops peer group bonding and picnics are a great way to spend quality time creating lasting memories of togetherness.
  • RAIN DANCE: To beat the heat rain dance is an exciting and enthralling activity for children. Dressed in swimming costumes our loved ones dance and sing under the blue sky with their friends and teachers making the most of the delightful experience.
  • KG SHOW: The pre-primary KG Show is perhaps the show which is most eagerly awaited. Every year it is celebrated with enthusiasm and vigor. Each child has a unique quality inside, so to bring out that hidden talent all the children of the pre-primary block are brought altogether on the stage to perform. Stage performance helps the children to remove stage fear and brings confidence in them. The teachers as well as students unite together and do rigorous practice before setting the stage on fire.
  • SPLASH POOL: Children are fascinated with water and when they are given an opportunity to splish splash in their own pool- their joy and exuberance is just boundless keeping this in mind our school has provided them with a ‘splashing zone’ surrounded by a cycling track where the tiny tots are made aware about the traffic lights also.

The innovative curriculum for the Pre-Primary of Alwar Public School is to bring about the objective by reinforcing concepts, ideas, skills and activities at this stage not only from the teacher’s point of view but also for the parents to comprehend what is being done in the classroom.

The main thrust of our curriculum is based on innovative and creative activities in and outside the classroom. Children love the curriculum which is different and packed with exciting things to do, experience and learn. We have a well planned preschool program which consists of the following integrated project based activities:



The biggest challenge any teacher faces is capturing the students’ attention and putting across ideas in such a way that it stays with them long after they have left the classroom. For this to happen effective innovative ideas are implemented for better classroom experiences.Teacher reinvent their teaching methods & make their classes interesting. We take 5 projects per year that is the base of our curriculum. We keep on introducing new projects taking along the previous ones. Listed below are some of the strategies we follow.

  • CREATIVE TEACHING- Taking the help of creative tools to stimulate creativity, we include playful games or visual exercises that excite the young minds and capture their interest. Also this encourages them to come up with their ideas and gives them the freedom to explore.
  • E-LEARNING- We incooperate e-learning in our sessions with power point presentations, movies, pictorial materials and audio-visual tools that help their imagination thrive and grow and understand the concepts better.
  • BRAINSTORMING- These sessions are a great way to get the creative juices flowing with multiple brains focussing on one single idea to get numerous ideas involving everyone into discussions. • REAL WORLD LEARNING- We link our lessons to real world learning infusing real world experiences. Relating and demonstrating to real life situations makes material easy to understand and learn. It sparks their interest and makes the sessions all the more interesting.
  • CLASSES OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM- Some lessons are best learnt, when they are taught outside the classroom in the lap of nature. Children find it fresh and exciting and the learning remains forever with them.
  • ROLE PLAY- Teaching through role play, story dramatization, dance, music, rhymes is a great way to make children step out of their comfort zone & develop their inter personal skills.
  • SUBJECT INTEGRATION- Our curriculum is structured to nourish the whole being-the mind, heart & body. So all the activities are creatively balanced with the subjects to bring about the best learning.
  • ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING- It involves working with range of available evidences throughout the process of activities that enables the teacher to check the child’s performance and keep the track of one’s progress, identify the learning gaps, their strengths & weaknesses, anecdotes and help them overcome using various remedial strategies.

School sport is an opportunity for children to enjoy and benefit from participation in school sports to enable them to develop their mental and physical health.

We encourage our children to participate in different outdoor and indoor activities like-

  • Adventure camps
  • Swimming
  • Skating
  • Cycling
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Skipping
  • Dribbling
  • Hurdle races
  • Ball games, disks and rings
  • Carrom, snakes & ladders, ludo & chess

These provide a safe, healthy, friendly and sporting environment which encourages personal fitness, game skills, large and fine muscle development, fun and confidence in children.

Proper nutrition in childhood can reinforce lifelong eating habits that contribute to the overall well-being of the child and help him to grow to full potential and lead a healthy life. We at APS, focus on regular balanced eating habits through ‘OUR SCHOOL MENU’ keeping in mind the physical and mental development of our students. We believe in “HEALTHY CHILD, HAPPY CHILD.”

To improve food habits a simple workable five days menu with various options has been planned for the child.


Monday Stuffed parantha/ Parantha with Green vegetable/Chole-bhature/ sprouts and a Fruit of your choice.
Tuesday Vegetable pulao/ Idli/ Uttapam/ Vermicelli and a Fruit.
Wednesday Aloopuri / Paneerchilla/ Poha with Laddu and a Fruit of your choice.
Thursday Veg. Sandwich/ Veg. Whole wheat pasta(Macroni)/Veg. Cutlets/ Bread rolls and a Fruit of your choice.
Friday Food and a Fruit of your own choice.
Saturday Cookies, snacks and a fruit of your choice.


  • Make them eat at least five nuts everyday.
  • Give them fresh fruit. Fruits are much better than juices.
  • Include buttermilk (chhachh) in your child’s menu.

The Pre-Primary wing is bubbling with life of 3-5 years old that need special handling so they are engaged in various activities which are an integral part of the curriculum. These activities enhance classroom learning and help in moulding a multifaceted personality of the child. Following is the monthly planner which is given to the parents-

Month Events
April New Session Begin(Welcome Day)
Parent Orientation Programme
Minion's Day
English Recitation
July School re-opens
Id Celebration
Mud Day
Father's Day
Dance APS Dance
August Rakhi Decoration
Founder's Day
Aqua Fun
September Hindi Recitation
Teachers Day Celebration
Learn What your name means
KG show
Dussehra Celebration
Octomber Children's Theatre
Diwali Celebration
November Gurupurab Celebration
Compliment Day
Children's Day
Bring a shape day
December Vegetable Market
Christmas Celebration
Disco Diwane
January Lohri Celebration
Cookie Decoration Day
Basant Panchami Celebration
Jungle book Day
February Young Narrator's Day
Mother's Friends Day
Sport Day
What I want to be
March Holi Celebration
Graduation ceremony
Report card Day

A home away from home, the pre-primary wing is a supplement to the home and not a substitute. The first five years of life are vitally important in laying the foundations of character and personality. Keeping this fact in mind, the school is fully equipped to cater to the needs of growing children.

We at APS :

1. Provide a diverse stimulating environment to grow and learn.
2. Prepare them for real life situation.

The purpose of our admission policy is to help you go through the admission process effectively and to help you place your child in the appropriate class.

Admissions are open for the new session in the month of February/ March.

An advertisement in the newspaper is given in the month of February of every year.

  • The school prospectus along with the registration form is to collected from the school.
  • Documents needed to be submitted with the prospectus .
    a) A copy of child’s birth certificate.
    b) Medical record.
    c) Two passport size photographs.
  • Once the prospectus is filled and submitted, the admission procedure begins.

Class size is mostly restricted to 20-25 students in each class.
Note: Admissions are open to all strictly on first come first serve basis. If no seats are available the application is placed in the waiting list.

The School has a fleet of yellow buses to provide transportation facility to the students and teachers. The school buses serve all the major residential areas of the city and its suburbs. The routes of the school buses are made keeping in mind the needs of the parent/child.

A conductor and a narayan sevak from the school are always in the bus for the safety of the students. The teacher also accompanies the students while going back.

Each bus is equipped with the first aid box and a fire extinguisher.

The bus route along with the timings and bus stops are given to the parent at the beginning of the session.

1. Ensure that your ward comes to school dressed in proper uniform.
2. Always write your ward’s name and class on every belonging of your child.
3. Intimate the school in case of any change in your address, telephone number and e-mail address. This will help school authorities to contact the parents in case of any emergency.
4. Ensure that your ward brings the diary to school everyday.
5. Check the diary regularly for any entries/circulars from the school, the diary may also be used by the parent’s for communicating with the teacher or school authorities.
6. All requirements of leave should be applied for in advance, except in case of emergency.
7. Students suffering from contagious diseases should not be sent to school, till the mandatory period of quarantine is over.
8. It is advisable to send a healthy tiffin according to the school menu given.
9. Only 2 toffees or a small chocolate to be distributed on the child's birthday.

The Pre-Primary wing is bubbling with 3-5 year olds, have activity rooms planned for them taking care of their emotional, social and physical well being.

Classrooms at Pre-Primary Alwar Public School are spacious and well ventilated. We have excellent lighting . We ensure our students get classrooms that are not only airy, but also attractive and comfortable. The number of students in each class is restricted so that the teachers cangive individual attention to each student. Aesthetically designed and colourful furniture has been provided in each classroom,keeping in the mind the comfort of the child. We have lots of different resource materials for teaching. We have lots of toys and  equipment to play with. For e-learning we have LCD in our classrooms.

We at APS understand that children have their individual preferences when it comes to reading. To ensure that a child gets to read what he likes, the kindergarten library is enriched with collections of books, keeping in mind their age.

The school believes in the child’s overall personality development that focuses on etiquette, manners, food habits and courtesies to enhance and refine a child’s overall personality.

'MASTI KI PATHSHALA'- The activity centre is a special world for the children where they let loose their pent up energy and creativity. Little corners like- transport, free play, ball pool etc are attractions that cannot keep the children away. Individual games like Carrom, ludo, snakes and ladders etc and group games are as per the curriculum- it helps reinforce what they learn in the classroom situations.

This room is also equipped with multimedia facilities, it enables integration of technology in teaching, thereby enhancing the children’s overall learning experience.

The School has a small clinic under the charge of a full time qualified nurse. The clinic caters to the treatment of minor ailments and injuries. All the students are required to undergo a medical check-up by the school Doctor once a year.

Our school doctor is Dr. Nirmal Rustogi, a very well known GP in Alwar.

The Pre-Primary block has a separate activity hall to conduct assembly, important activities and celebrations. It also helps students to enhance and stimulate their public speaking and presentation skills.

To keep The APS tree strong and growing we need to maintain its safety and ensure that it is secure. Safety and the security of our students is of utmost priority to us. For this we have:

1. Specially designed Id Cards.
2. Pure filtered drinking water.
3. CC TV Cameras.
4. Danger signs on electricity boards.
5. Fire extinguishers.

School organizes Orientation programmes for the parents of Nursery, LKG and UKG. The objective of the Orientation programes is to demonstrate how the curriculum involves self- directed, hands on learning activities which not only gives vent to the child's creative talents and energies but also helps in the all round holistic development of the child. 

The Orientation helps and reaffirms the teachers and parents role  as partners in the progress of their child.

PTM’s are utilized as a platform for the parents to interact with the teachers and to know about the progress and behavior of their children. 

Schedule for the meetings is given through a circular in the diary. The schedule and time slots are given to the parents for the smooth functioning of the PTM