Primary Curriculum

  • Books: All NCERT publications for Hindi , EVS and Maths.
  • English: New Pathways from the Oxford Publication ; Reader , Literature Reader & Workbook.
    Classes I and II have the EVS integrated with English.
  • Computer Science : There are no books. Our own syllabus is followed. 48 period time-table /week is followed.
    Classes I and II
  • English /EVS: 12 periods. ( 3 Reading and comprehension, 2 speaking, Recitation and Listening , 2 creative Writing, 5 text and workbook).
  • Hindi : 7 periods. ( 1 Reading, 2 Speaking, Recitation and Listening, 1 Creative Writing and 3 text)
  • Maths: 8 periods. ( 1 mental Maths, 1 skill, 1 activity , 5 text syllabus)
  • Project Based Learning: 2 Periods. ( 2 lessons are selected from the English books and every week a lot of group activities are done in these Classes)
    In class I a lot of Work cards and Reading cards are introduced in April to enhance their reading ability. Picture Comprehension is also a regular feature for vocabulary building.
    Work sheets and Activities are designed as starters in Maths to introduce a unit.

    The Year is divided into 3 evaluations and the assessment is a continuous process.

  • We assess the students on the following: Assignment booklets designed by our teachers which are linked to the Text but all are unseen.


    Textual worksheets

    Orals, skills, activities

    PBL is assessed on the presentation given by the students in the Assembly.
    Our Grade Registers are designed on this pattern and hence it is convenient for the teachers to maintain the grades.
    As we have no exams/ Summative assessments we do not provide any dates for these Assessments. We integrate them in our regular periods.
    Classes III , IV and V (48 periods time-table/ week)
  • Allotment of periods.
    English: 8 periods ( 1 period. loud Reading/comprehension , 3 periods. speaking, listening and Creative writing and 4 periods. For text, and Grammar)
  • Hindi : 6 periods ( 3 for text and 3 for speaking, listening, Reading/comprehension, Creative Writing)
  • Maths: 8 periods ( 1 skill, 1 mental Maths and 6 for text).
  • EVS : 7 periods ( 1 Activity and 6 Text)
  • PBL: 2 periods ( Lessons from EVS are picked up for Project Based Learning and the children work in groups on the chosen topic)
  • Computer Science: 2 periods ( More of practical and 20% theory)

The year is divided into three Evaluations and the students are assessed on the following:
Every month the children are assessed on
Assignment Booklets designed by our teachers.
While working worksheets
Open book test
Practice worksheets
Textual worksheets
Orals , activities skills ASL etc.
As we have no tests /summative, assessment is a regular feature of the classroom. There is no special time ,date or period allotted for assessment.
If a student is unable to do a particular assignment we do support him or give him /her another chance.
PBL is assessed by teachers and parents together on the presentation given by the students.